A Little Housekeeping

Hey everyone! A handful of small items to let you know:

First of all, I’m dropping the “and dated” as a default for books in my website store from here on out. If you order signed books from me and you do want them dated, just request it in the box when you check out and I’ll still do it.

The trade paperbacks of Wrath of Empire are now listed on my website. If you’re a trade paperback collector and you’ve been waiting to get a signed version, head on over!

I’ve had quite a few people ask me if they can buy the Powder Mage playing cards (from the RPG add-on set) separately from the rest, and the answer is finally yes! They are now listed in the store. If you’re interested in other merch, I’ve also added more RPG add-on sets, as well as restocked on the silver Powder Mage Keg Pin.