New Foreign Rights Sales

Quick announcement today: I'm delighted to say that we have sold the Polish and Russian rights for all three books in the Powder Mage Trilogy. This makes me happy beyond belief. I can't get over the fact that my books will be translated into not one, but now five foreign languages! For those keeping track at home that includes French, Hebrew, Bulgarian, and the two I announced today. In regards to the French rights, I believe that the translation is done (or nearly so) and I've been told we have a release date of January 15th. I'll post a link as soon as I find one (the only ones I see on Amazon France are for the English book).

They're going to use the same cool cover art by Gene Mollica, so it's going to look a lot like this. Except, er, in French.


* Edit: Just came across this while browsing a French forum. This appears to be the cover:

French CoverGosh that's beautiful.