I have gone through the bowels of hell and back again. Yes, that's right. I had a cold last weekend. I've spoken before about how I deal with illness (read: not well) so needless to say I'm glad to be back on the upswing. A full 522 page manuscript has been shipped of to Caitlin for her line edit. Honestly, I can't wait to get it back. I demolished 12K words during that last edit and the novel is much better for it.

Speaking of which, here's a blog post for you from Lightning and Lightning Bugs on Six Things I Wish I'd Known When Writing My First Novel.

I had the great benefit of taking Brandon Sanderson's Fantasy Writing Class at BYU and so I had this kind of advice earlier than most prospective authors but I think one really needs to finish their first novel and then read it a year later and realize what rubbish it is and learn these things for themselves. Early iterations of Butcher's Price amounted to well over 200K words of writing that I tossed in the trash can before actually finishing the novel (which didn't turn out quite as well as it should have anyway).