Award Nominations

It's award nominations time of year in the world of science fiction and fantasy literature, and for the first time ever I'm eligible! Here is what I wrote in 2013, and what awards they are eligible for:

Promise of Blood (Orbit Books, April 2013)

Hugo Award for Best Novel

Nebula Award (Novel)

"The Girl of Hrusch Avenue" (June 2013) and "Hope's End" (September 2013)

Hugo Award for Best Novelette

Nebula Award (Novelette)

Not only that, but I'm in my first year of eligibility for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. This is the big one for new authors and frankly the Hugo is a little out of my league (so is the Campbell, but that doesn't stop me from reaching for it). The Campbell Award voting is done in conjunction with the Hugo Award, so don't forget that one when you're filling out your Hugo Ballot.

In order to nominate for the Hugo, you have to have been a member of the 2013 Worldcon (LoneStarCon, or be a member of the 2014 Worldcon (LonCon). Here is a link that will tell you everything you need to know about nominating. In order to nominate for the Nebula Award, you have to be an active SFWA member. More info on that here.

Be sure to nominate in every category that you can think of someone deserving. Here is a partial list of those eligible. These are the people I have my eye on:

Campbell Award

Helen Wecker

Westley Chu

Best Novel

Emperor of Thorns (Mark Lawrence)

Best Editor

Devi Pillai (Orbit Books)

Best Professional Artist

Gene Mollica

Isaac Stewart

Best Fan Writer

Justin Landon