My BF list of agents to query is obsolete. Is that even the right word? I'm not trying to say that it is a passe technology, but rather that it is not needed anymore. Let's go with obsolete.

I gotta admit, it makes me a little sad. I spent hours and hours on that thing and two weeks later I don't need it anymore. Oh well. I'll store it in a little folder somewhere at the back of my hard drive, just in case a friend needs it or, heaven forbid, I need it again someday.

It's sad, but it's not a bad thing. :-)

I have no official news yet, as I really don't want to jump the gun. I'm not certain of etiquette, and I'm a little superstitious on top of things, so no announcement. In fact, I really shouldn't say a damn thing at all for another week. But I can't shut up. I'm too excited.

Things have been flying by. Submitting to agents, and then afterwords to editors, is a waiting game. It might be weeks before you get your first rejection, months before your first request for a partial.

I had four requested fulls twelve days into the waiting period.

This blew me away. I did not at all expect this kind of response. It baffled me, frankly. I'm confident my stuff is good. What writer isn't? I enjoy it. My snobby wife enjoys it. My beta-readers enjoy it. None of this means that a professional will find it mildly sell-able.

Yet some of them do.

The next several months are going to be very exciting. That's all I can say now. I have a pretty good idea of how they will go. I think. I am new to all of this. Then again, I had that same "pretty good idea" about the next couple of months two weeks ago. That's changed significantly.

I'm rambling now. I have no coherent thoughts. I will have to organize them properly in say, two weeks.

All of this excitement means that I'm not doing much cooking. I'm very busy. I barely have time to throw things in the bread maker. Luckily Michele has been taking over almost all of the evening meals (though she says my duties still include bread and cookies). I'm fine with this. She is turning into a very good cook. Her peanut chicken tastes like it comes from a Chinese place. Mmmm.

Pepperoni Bread

I just washed the flour of my hands from making pepperoni bread and I'm watching the dogs out of the corner of my eye to keep them from nabbing a bite of dough. This has happened before, and we almost lost a dog in a terrible and tragic dog flushing itself down the toilet "accident." Such are the dangers of living in a tiny house.

I have a wonderful French bread recipe that my sister gave me a few years back that I use to make a number of very tasty things. I figured out the cost of the making this bread at one point and it came to something like 35 cents a loaf. Very cheap, especially for starving college students. Problem was, adding pepperoni and cheese increased the price of a loaf by over ten fold so whenever I did make pepperoni bread I was very stingy. It was still quite good, but it had really just had the taste rather than the full effect.

I decided to change that, and this time added about 1.5 cups of cheese and thirty or so piece of pepperoni to each loaf and I'm really looking forward to the results. They're big and fat and they're rising on the counter while the oven preheats as I type.

One of these days I'm going to get a camera and start posting pictures of my culinary escapades. One of these days...