Chapter One is up!

Orbit has posted chapter 1 of Sins of Empire over on Facebook. You can find it here. Those among you who have read Ghosts of the Tristan Basin will immediately recognize the locale. Don't forget you can read the prologue here. Less than two weeks left until release!

A couple contests you can enter:

  • I'm giving away two Sins of Empire paperbacks over on /r/fantasy. All you need to to do enter is write a haiku about your favorite character. You have about 24 hours from the time this post goes live to enter.
  • Orbit is giving away copies of Sins of Empire over on Goodreads. You've got until the end of February to enter.

If getting a copy of Sins is too dear for you right now, head over to your local library and put a hold on it. You can even request that they order more copies!