Chautauqua Lake

The parents of one of my oldest friends have a house right on the water at Chautauqua Lake in western New York. They were kind enough to invite a group of us up to lollygag and shenanigize for the weekend. We started off in prime fashion: with a flat tire on the New York state border. I decided that the best use of my time, instead of helping with the tire, would be to take pictures.

Hard at work. Or hardly workin'! Amiright??
I'll show myself out.
We finally arrived and made our way out to the water, which was surprisingly not an icy abyss, but warm enough to swim.
By "swim" I mean watch my friends
mix water floaties, ropes, and alcohol.

Being Memorial Day weekend, there were some fireworks over the water. I found my camera phone has a firework mode. The pictures came out really well; timing was the most difficult part of the shot.

Independence Day had it wrong. When the aliens
attack, it will be on  Fourth of July, not before.
The highlight of any weekend: the breakfast cake.
The face of a man who has eaten his whole breakfast cake
and now regrets it.
There were good times had, and as usual, my friends were kind enough to consume enough alcohol that I wouldn't feel obligated. They are classy, classy guys. The lake house is only about a two hour drive from home so it's a quick hop and I was back by 3 on Sunday... just in time for a 4 hour nap before Game of Thrones.