Dear Breadmaker

There have been too many posts lately about writing and not enough about victuals. So here's a love letter to my new breadmaker.

Dear Cuisinart Automatic Breadmaker,

You've only been in my life for about five weeks, but it feels like a hundred years. I never imagined that our friendship would blossom so. You make an incredible variety of breads; banana nut bread, from the old bananas I've collected in the freezer over the last eight months; lemon poppy seed, which I never had the courage to try until you entered my home; French bread, which is pretty much just water and flour and yeast and comes out a little hard but I forgive you anyway because it's probably my fault because my yeast is a little old; Italian bread, which is way better than the French bread but damn it I can't seem to keep the top of the loaf from falling; zucchini bread that I make from fresh zucchini from my parents' garden. You even create wonderful pizza dough--though it comes out a little bit bland. I'll have to adjust the recipe.

I feel like I want to try new things with you. There's a date nut loaf in your recipe book, as well as pumpkin bread. It's certainly the season for the latter. Your loaves make wonderful gifts to friends and family--like a warm little bundle of joy fresh from the hospital, ready to be devoured.

I have to admit it, I'm in love with Costco even more after getting you. Costco is full of such beautiful and wonderful things, and you're the best quality breadmaker on the market for such a low price. I digress; this letter is to you, not Costco.

I love you, breadmaker. There, I said it. Don't worry about my wife. She knows. She approves of what we do. I want the world to know of our love. We made sweet zucchini bread last night. Let's make it again tonight. Won't it be wonderful?