Dni Fantastyki 2017

Polish fans! I will be at Fantasy Days 2017 this weekend. This is my first trip to Poland, and I'm super excited to come out and meet all the fans there. If you're in the area, be sure to drop by!

Here is the program for the whole convention, and below is my schedule for the weekend:

  • fr 3 pm - Brian McClellan - spotkanie (meeting). Moderatorka: Agnieszka Hałas
  • fr 4 pm - Brian McClellan - signing
  • fr 6 pm (2h) - Fantasy without limits (Lazare Gvimradze, Brian McClellan, Angus Watson, Graham Masterton, Agnieszka Hałas)
  • st 1 pm - My wonderful fantasy world (Lazare Gvimradze, Brian McClellan, Graham Masterton,Angus Watson)
  • st 2 pm - Brian McClellan - signing
  • st 8 pm - Kill`am all - how to kill the hero? (Brian McClellan, Angus Watson, Graham Masterton, Agnieszka Hałas)
  • sun 11 am - Bringing a magic world to life with Brian McClellan (Brian McClellan)
  • sun 12 pm - Brian McClellan - signing

Also, my publisher Fabryka Słów has posted the cover for the Powder Mage short fiction collection, to be released in Polish on August 30th. Check it out!