Fake Beatles and Rewrites

Wifey and I saw 1964 the Tribute over the weekend. It was very well done. These guys have been a touring tribute act for 27 years, and are doing 120 shows a year. Kinda crazy. They've got the songs, the voices, the looks, all down really well. We had nosebleed seats, but honestly I think it helped with the illusion. It really felt like we were seeing the Beatles (aside from the lack of women throwing themselves at the stage and other such sundries).

Over the last four weeks I have rewritten about 1/3 of Promise of Blood. It's been kinda hectic, kinda draining, yet I feel it's been worth it. The first section of the book now moves much faster, there are some significant improvements with motivation and characterization, and I think things have been set up even better for the sequel.

The end result is I'm both burned out and empowered. I want to get working on a couple other projects but I also want to sleep for a week.