Fan Art Contest Entries!

Hey everyone! The Powder Mage fan art contest has come to a close, and I want to show you all the awesome entries we had this time. Per usual, Taniel was the fan favorite, but we also have great range of characters showing up, from Ka-poel and Vlora to Major Buker and Lady Winceslav. Thanks for all the awesome entries! I'll post the winner and runners-up tomorrow morning, and send them their books.

Which do you guys like the most?

From left to right, entries are by A.E. Coggon, A.E. Coggon, Allison Whitley, Constantina Natsiou, Daniel Wheatley, Josh Buker, Mariah Lynn Holman, Meenu Samaraweera, Meenu Samaraweera, Meenu Samaraweera, Peter Holland, Spencer DeShon, and Veronika