Final Round for the Goodreads Choice Awards!

I'm sad to say that Promise of Blood did not reach the final round of the Goodreads Choice Awards in Fantasy. The competition was crazy this year. I mean, seriously: Gaiman, Lynch, Sanderson/Jordan, Lawrence, Hobb. Those are some of the biggest names in Fantasy today. I think it's pretty excepted that Gaiman will take first and Sanderson second, but in any other year the top spot could easily go to any of them. I hope you'll head over and vote for your favorite. Frankly, I was just happy to be nominated.

That being said, I did make it to the final round of the Best Goodreads Debut Author. And that's wicked cool. Of the final ten, Promise of Blood actually has the least number of ratings by a long shot, which means it's sold the least number of books of all those on there and in a popular contest, that kind of thing really matters. Even getting in the top five will be a feat for me.

I would like to point out that, while it has the least number of ratings, it is only third in terms of average rating. So. Yeah. Awesome.

Get on over there and vote!

Even if you don't vote for me.

But you should.

On a side note, Orbit is giving away one signed copy of Promise of Blood on Goodreads. If you haven't picked it up yet, or only have the ebook, this is your chance to nab a hardcover!