I've now gotten a few Goodreads reviews from folks who have early access to the book (people who work for book sellers or who would otherwise wind up with a copy). They've been very lovely and favorable so far, but this one from Vivian, who won my January Goodreads giveaway of an ARC, stood out to me: "What an astonishing debut! I was absolutely addicted to this novel from start to finish and obsessed about it when reading wasn't possible. Without spoiling details - what I found most fascinating about the novel was its concept of revolution, not merely as a means of overthrowing tyranny but also as a means of cleansing, curing and rebuilding a broken society. It is indeed a bloody business and the author does not shy away from allowing central characters to actively engage in the dirty business of revolution and revenge. Yet, despite it all, I fell in love with so many of the characters in this book, enjoyed their backstories (both amusing and tragic), genuinely worried about them. True to the central concept of rebuilding an egalitarian and classless society, even a laundress can be complex and significant to the outcome of a post revolutionary country. So fascinating! I also found the classes of magic users and their unique (and often conflicting) applications extremely satisfying. (Even as an avid fantasy reader, "simple" magic use is often a problem for me and will even cause me give up on a novel). The novel moves in an aggressive manner, full of action, mystery and intrigue that make it especially hard to put down. Overall, it's a damn fine read that will appeal to both novice and expert fantasy readers. I can't wait for the sequel!"

Needless to say, this blew me away. I was glad to hear that someone had enjoyed it so much.

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