Help Me Donate My Books to Your Local Library!

TL;DR: I want to donate copies of Promise of Blood to libraries in the US. Follow the direction in bold below to contact me if your local library doesn't have a copy.

I'm a huge fan of libraries. My mom volunteered at our local library when I was a kid, and I spent several years of my life, for several hours on Wednesday nights, just roaming up and down the shelves for new books. As you can tell, that experience was a bit formative for me.

Since becoming an author, libraries have been very good to me. I've heard awesome things from librarians who get teenagers hooked on my books, and I had the joy of walking into my own local library immediately after Promise of Blood came out to find it sitting on the shelf through no effort of my own. I've even been invited to speak at several libraries, and those experiences have been overwhelmingly positive.

Every now and again, I get a message from someone bemoaning the fact that their local library doesn't have Promise of Blood. I always tell them to talk to the librarian in charge of acquisitions to see if they'll order it in, but I'm aware they have a large list of their own to work from so that doesn't always work. So here's what I'm going to do:

I've got 50 remaindered hardcovers of Promise of Blood. Remainders are basically overstock from my publisher that were sold in bulk. They got beat up a little bit in the warehouse, and they've got a remainder mark (a black dot on the side). Sold on Amazon they'd be described a "lightly used."

I'd like to donate these to your local library.

If your library is in the US and does not have a copy of Promise of Blood, let me know! I want to hear from either patrons or librarians, but librarians will know the details I need better. Send me an email at brian (at) brianmcclellan (dot) com with the header LIBRARY DONATION. Give me the name and address of the library, and (if you know) the name of the acquiring librarian. I'll send the books on my own dime, and even sign them to the collection of that library. If you're a big library, you can ask for two copies.

These books are freely given, and as long as they end up in the hands of a library I don't care what they do with them. Your libraries can put them in the collection or sell them in the next book sale to raise funds. So please, help me get these out!