Kindle: Week 3

I've had my Kindle long enough to get a good feel for it. I still stand by everything I said in my Kindle 3 Review but I wanted to add a little more.

I'm really excited for the beginning of March. Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss and The Crippled God by Steven Erikson both come out on the first of that month. Those are both books in the "I don't care how poor I am I'm getting them" realm. However, the problem with these books go much deeper than whether I can really afford them. The problem is: which do I read first? I mean, seriously. How am I gonna choose? I've already decided that they will be the first two new books I buy on my Kindle. I will one day own the hardcover of both--I know, it's weird to buy a book twice, but I don't mind--and it's not like I'm exactly swimming in bookshelf space at my current house. These will therefor be the first giant epic fantasies I will have read on the Kindle. I'm curious how, if at all, this will change the experience for me.

Certainly my arms won't be as tired after reading for 18 hours straight.

I've discovered that my Kindle balances perfectly on the ipod holder on our elliptical. This is kind of a major breakthrough because it means I can read while I exercise. I love wheeling my desk over there and watched some Craig Ferguson on the laptop while I work out, but it doesn't release me from the torture that is prolonged movement quite the way that reading a book or a series of articles does.