Library Journal on Autumn Republic

Another trade review is in for The Autumn Republic! I'm told that most of Library Journal's reviews are printed as opposed to online, so I'm going to go ahead and quote the entirety here:

The Kez Army is marching on the Adro forces, while betrayal and corruption weaken them from within. Even the return of Field Marshal Tamas might not be enough to save Adro, especially if Tamas’s son, Taniel, fails in his efforts to control a god bent on destruction. While everyone is focused on the front, an even larger threat might lie in wait back in the capital of Adopest. VERDICT McClellan’s fitting conclusion to the trilogy (Promise of Blood; The Crimson Campaign) which introduced an amazing world of rival traditions of magic at war with one another, a world of blood-soaked battlefields, gunpowder-snorting powder mages, and gods who can’t help interfering in the mortal world. The action scenes are especially well done, although readers wouldn’t care about the outcome if the author had not crafted such wonderfully flawed characters.

Can't say how pleased I am! Just seven days left until Autumn Republic hits shelves!