New Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of the the new Powder Mage novella, Servant of the Crown, I've decided to have another giveaway! Or rather, two giveaways. Given the expense of international shipping, I'm going to have one giveaway for USA readers and another of a digital item for the rest of the world. That might ruffle some feathers, but hey. It's free stuff. Winners will be chosen at random and will go for a week or until I'm sick of getting emails from you all.


USA Only:

I'll be giving away a signed advanced reading copy (ARC) of Promise of Blood. This may not sound that cool, but it's a rather rare item that usually only booksellers and reviewers are able to get their hands on. And I just so happen to have some left of my own.

To enter, email with the subject line "ARC Giveaway". Include your name and mailing address in the body of the email so that I don't have to track you down later (this won't be used for anything else).

Outside USA Only:

I'll be giving away Audible codes for the Powder Mage novella Forsworn to five lucky winners.

To enter, email with the subject line "Audible Giveaway." Include your name and country of residence. If you live in a country where Audible won't let you download it, I'll provide you with an epub, mobi, or pdf of Forsworn or Servant of the Crown.


If you want to check out the new novella, go here to find a link to your favorite ebookstore.