Over the weekend I set up a Patreon. For those that don't know, Patreon is a crowd-sourced patronage site that allows you to support creative people and endeavors with an automatically reoccurring donation each month. It can be as small or as large as you'd like, stopped and started whenever you want, and the artist gets everything minus a modest site fee (which varies, but is around $.30 + 8%)

The purpose of my Patreon is to allow me to have more time for side projects like self-pubbed stories, annotated fiction, and articles that talk about the business of writing. The articles (like the one where I talked about the economics of a book fair) will start coming for free on my blog every month (instead of sporadically). In addition, Patreon-backers will get advance looks at my new self-published projects as well as other cool peeks-behind-the-curtain.

You can read more by heading over to my Patreon page. Thanks for everyone's support!