Post Birth/Town Blowing Up Day

So my town caught on fire two days ago. They gave an evacuation order (which was then rescinded a couple hours later) and we skedaddled out of there with our pets for an impromptu trip to my parent's house. The whole thing made national news. Gas pressure spike, fires, no body hurt, etc. All in all a very exciting day. We didn't get heat back until about 9PM--which is fun when it's 10 degrees out.

And yesterday was my birthday. Yay! All of twenty-five years old. Fatter and more arthritic. Maybe a teeny bit wiser. Or at least more experienced in the deep, trying ways of this wearying world. *Insert epic sigh here.*

My kindle came in the mail yesterday. I'm very excited. You can see it below next to my keyboard, or for further reference, by Leto. I plan on spending a good amount of time with it the next couple days but here's my initial response:

-I love the size and the weight.
-I can see the screen perfectly without straining my eyes.
-The free book resources are a little underwhelming--you need to know what you want to find things.
-The web browser has it's downsides but it's still fun.