Powder Mage Novella Collection #1

Hey everyone! There have been a lot of requests lately from people hoping to get all the Powder Mage novellas in one go. I understand that, from a buyer's perspective, it can be difficult to figure out what all is available from your favorite author. What have you read? What haven't you? That sort of thing.

In response, I've put all four of the novellas into an single package, which is now available at all your favorite ebook stores and priced at $9.99. This'll save you a couple bucks, and is good for all parties involved. You won't miss out on stories, and I won't miss out on sales. Yay!

To catch you up, everything written in the Powder Mage Universe is now included in the Powder Mage Trilogy, the Powder Mage Novella Collection #1, and the short story collection In the Field Marshal's Shadow.

Links to the novella collection at your favorite vendor: