Announcing the Powder Mage Roleplaying Game

Brian McClellan, author of the wildly-popular Powder Mage Trilogy (Orbit Books), and game designer Alan Bahr of Gallant Knight Games are delighted to announce the forthcoming Powder Mage Roleplaying Game, a play guide for Brian’s flintlock fantasy universe.

The Powder Mage RPG will immerse players in a world of muskets, intrigue, sorcery, and revolution, set against the backdrop of an industrializing fantasy world. Players can make themselves the heroes of their own narratives, with tools and resources that draw on the gunpowder magic and mind-bending dark arts that made the series an instant standout. The game will make use of the award-winning Savage Worlds rule set to create a player-driven story dynamic that can accommodate a campaign of any scope or size: personal dramas in the Adran countryside, political machinations in the palaces of Adopest, or full-scale battles for the very fate of the Nine.

The Powder Mage RPG will launch on Kickstarter on October 18th, 2016, with a target delivery date of August 2017. The goal of the Kickstarter is to acquire funding for a top-quality final product, consisting of a core rulebook/world book and accessories, including art from René Aigner, Grace Fong, Isaac Stewart, Ben McSweeney, and Piotr Chrzanowski; as well as book design by Robert Denton.

About the Series/Author

The Powder Mage Trilogy (Promise of Blood, The Crimson Campaign, and The Autumn Republic) has sold over a quarter of a million books and been translated into ten languages. It has landed author Brian McClellan with the coveted Morningstar Award for best debut fantasy and multiple nominations for the Goodreads Choice Awards. Brian is an avid gamer who lives on the side of a mountain in Utah with his wife, cat, and two dogs. His next series continues the adventures in the Powder Mage Universe and begins March 7th, 2017 with Sins of Empire from Orbit Books.