Pre-orders for UNBOUND

Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that I'll have a new Powder Mage short story out this winter in the latest mega-anthology from editor Shawn Speakman. The short story "The Siege of Tilpur" will follow Sergeant Tamas as he risks everything to claw his way up the chain of command in the Gurlish desert. To date, it'll be the earliest of the Powder Mage stories chronologically.

Final cover will be illustrated by Todd Lockwood

The anthology itself will include a huge number of SFF authors, with stories short and long. People like Jim Butcher, Terry Brooks, Seanan Mcguire, Mark Lawrence, Anthony Ryan, Mary Robinette Kowal, and well over a dozen others. It's an immense privilege to be included among such awesome authors, many of which I'm delighted to be able to call my friends.

UNBOUND will be published in trade hardcover on December 1st, 2015. Here's your pre-order information:

Pre-order directly from me. I'll sign and date the first page of my own short story.

Pre-order from Grim Oak Press.

A limited, leatherbound, signed and numbered edition will also be available from Grim Oak Press. It will be signed by every author (I believe this one takes several months to put together and ship, but I'm not sure).