Prologue is up!

My publisher has posted the prologue for Sins of Empire over on Facebook. You can find it here! Sins will be out in just three weeks, so I'm just counting down the days now. A couple of common questions I've been getting:

Q: Will you go on tour?
A: Yes! Orbit is sending me on a small tour that includes Cleveland, Salt Lake City, San Diego, and Tuscon. My event page is here.

Q: Will there be a hardcover in the UK?
A: Unfortunately, no. My UK publisher decided to go straight to paperback to try and reach a wider audience. I am selling US hardcovers on my website and will ship internationally, but for most people the cost of international shipping is prohibitive.

Q: Will Sins of Empire be translated in my language of choice?
A: I don't know. If the first trilogy was translated into your local language there's a good chance they'll buy the second series, but it's not guaranteed. Keep an eye on my website for announcements.