Reader Map

I've introduced a new feature to the site: a Reader Map! I love seeing the cool people who buy my books and the variety of places they live, so I've introduced this Reader Map that will allow us to see your name, a picture of you with the book (or your kindle with the book on it!), and where you're located.

I should also mention that Orbit put up a very cool book trailer for Promise of Blood late last week. I'm normally not a fan of book trailers, but I think they outdid themselves.

A couple other items of note:

You can read the first four chapters of Promise of Blood sans-Facebook now.

I was on the Speculate! Podcast and The Skiffy and Fanty Show last week.

I've added a few more items to the Blog Tour. In case you missed them on Facebook or Twitter last week, take a look at the right sidebar.


*The new map has caused something screwy if you view this site through an RSS feed. We're in the process of trying to fix that.