Return to Honor

I've got a new powder mage short out from Orbit Books as a bit of an anticipation-builder for Autumn Republic next month. Return to Honor takes place immediately between Promise of Blood and Crimson Campaign. Here's the cover copy:

Captain Vlora is a powder mage in the Adran army. Once the favored, adopted daughter of the field marshal, she is now a pariah amongst those she called her family. Her superior officers would like nothing more than to send her to a far off posting and forget about her, but no one is exempt when there is a war - and powder mages are desperately needed. 

When a traitorous guard captain goes on the run with information that could harm the war effort, Vlora is sent on his trail. She has three days to find him; she will have to make new friends and test the limits of her skills. Fail, and good soldiers will die. Succeed and maybe, just maybe, she can begin to work her way back into the field marshal's good graces.

Hope you guys enjoy! Get it in ebook from your favorite online bookstore today!