Siege of Tilpur

People have been asking me for quite a while where they can get their hands on Siege of Tilpur, a Powder Mage story that has previously only been published in the UNBOUND Anthology. Well here's a little surprise for you: get it free, now! More details below.

Siege of Tilpur will be free for the next couple of weeks, after which you can pick it up on the usual channels for $2.99. It's a short story of about 11K words that takes place decades before Promise of Blood and follows one of Tamas's adventures during the Gurlish Wars while he was just a sergeant.

For those curious about my website store: you don't have to input any credit card info to pick up the free item (and you can enter a fake address if you want). I do it this way so that people have the chance to opt-in to my newsletter, which feels like a pretty good deal for a free short story. Hope you all enjoy!