Sneak Peek at the PROMISE OF BLOOD Maps

I lifted the following picture off of Lauren Panepinto's Instagram yesterday:  

Maps - Sneak Peek


As some of you know, Lauren is the art director over at Orbit, and she did the design for the cover of PROMISE OF BLOOD.

So what are we looking at here? Top left is the final copy of PROMISE OF BLOOD, which have arrived in office at Orbit, alongside a proof for the cover of THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN. It gives me chills to think about how awesome those two books are going to look alongside each other on a bookshelf.

The rest of the pictures are interior artwork by my friend Isaac Stewart. On the top right is the two page spread of Adro. Bottom left, the city of Adopest. In the middle we have the Kresim Caldera. And on the right, the chapter header pistols that Isaac drew.

I couldn't happier with how the artwork turned out. I've spoken Orbit's praise many a time for the cover art, but the interior art by Isaac really blew me away. I can say (with admitted bias) that they're some of the best maps I've seen in a fantasy novel.