Tabletop Games


A lot of people have been asking what tabletop games I play (because I tweet about it from time to time), so I thought I'd write up a quick post about it. I'll do another post in a couple weeks about some of the other games I own, but these are the games I played last night: 71pDF89mgnL._SL1500_

7 Wonders. This is my recent favorite. Each of you gets a Wonder and you have three ages in which to build it, after which you'll add up victory points determined by a variety of gaming mechanics to figure out who wins. Once everyone knows how to play, the game absolutely flies by. I also enjoyed the Leaders expansion. Not as big of a fan of the Cities expansion, but that may just be because I haven't quite learned how it works. Easy to Medium learning curve.


Carcassonne. I've only played this one twice and only the base game without expansions (belongs to an out-of-town friend), but it's pretty fun. You and your friends are developing the countryside of the city of Carcassone by laying tiles to try to get yourself the most points and screw over everyone else. Easy learning curve.


King of Tokyo. What my friend refers to as a "palate cleanser." Fast, easy game that's good to play between more complex games. Each of you is a monster attacking Tokyo. You win by getting the most victory points or when the other monsters are dead. The expansion lets you play with more people. Very easy learning curve.


Puerto Rico. I honestly can't decide if I like this one. It's another "build up victory points by producing materials" game and in that respect I like 7 Wonders better (and 7 Wonders if also easier to learn). So, uh. Buy 7 Wonders. Puerto Rico has a medium learning curve.


Cosmic Encounter. Oh, this one was fun. I don't own it yet (it belongs to the same out-of-town friend), but I probably will within the next couple of months. Each of you is a separate alien race attempting to colonize planets belonging to the other players. You fight or negotiate your way through the game, using your hand of cards and your alien's special race ability to do so. With so many alien races it has a ton of replayability. It also has a ton of expansions, and I'm not sure which ones we were playing with. Medium learning curve.

Let me know what you've been playing and if you recommend it!