The Autumn Republic in Paperback

Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that today is the launch of The Autumn Republic in trade paperback here in the US. It should be available in your local bookstore or online and if it's not you have my permission to get someone at the store an earful (politely). For our friends across the pond, the mass market will be available in the UK on Thursday.

A quick FAQ regarding the paperback:

  • No, there are no plans for a mass market in the US or a trade paperback in the UK.
  • No, I'm not sure why they decided to print them one way here and one way there.
  • Yes, I have a limited number of copies of both the trade and mass market available in my store.

Thanks for all the support, everyone! Below is a list of buy links for the paperback (looks like the cheapest buy is on Now I'm back to working on the next Powder Mage novel!

United States

United Kingdom (mass market)