The Goodreads Choice Awards 2013 (Round Two)

Hey everyone! As some of you may have noticed, Promise of Blood was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards in both the Fantasy and Debut categories. Last week was the first round of voting in which people could add write-in nominations or vote on the initial list of fifteen books in each grouping. We have now reached the semi-final round in which the write-ins have been added and each category has twenty choices. This is where votes really start to matter.

Goodreads Choice Awards

This is a huge honor for me both professionally and personally. It means that not only are people reading my book, but they are enjoying it. I was particularly shocked to see my name on the Debut authors ballot as that is a much broader field: every debut novel to come out in 2013. And while Promise of Blood has the fewest number of ratings of all the debuts, it is in the top third for average rating.

That's some dang cool stuff.

The voting for this round lasts until Saturday the 16th. If you want to help me or one of your other favorite authors whose book is on the ballot please go and vote!