THE MAD LANCERS early release

Looking forward to the new Powder Mage novella based around a young Ben Styke? It'll be out for general release on September 6th... OR you can pick it up right now by buying direct from my website! Your download will come with an epub, mobi, and PDF file of the new novella.

For those curious why you should buy direct, here's a breakdown of where your money goes depending on where you purchase a $2.99 novella:

  • My Website: $2.60 goes to me, $.39 goes to store fees
  • Amazon: $2.06 goes to me, $.93 goes to Amazon
  • Nook: $1.94 goes to me, $1.05 goes to Nook
  • Apple: $1.78 goes to me, $1.21 goes to Apple and Draft2Digital

A difference of $.54-$.82 doesn't sound like much, but it adds up to a lot of Chipotle over a few thousand sales!