Trip Followup: NYC, Signing at Yale, and Signed Stock

Last weekend I found myself on a road trip in which I visited New York City and New Haven, and signed bookstore stock in several different cities. This all came about because an old friend of mine invited me and Ethan to come visit him at Yale Divinity. I was able to convince Ethan to take a couple extra days off of work and we spent two days in New York City, visiting Orbit and hanging out with cool folks there.

To start, it was my first visit to New York City.

I've never seen so many people in one place before, except maybe down in Cleveland on a night when the Cavs and Tribe finish their games at the same time. It was a little overwhelming at times - the bustle, the noise, the suicidal taxis. I'll say that the subway was cleaner than I expected and easy enough to navigate once I got the hang of it.

It was very cool to visit the Orbit offices and meet everyone in person and see where the magic happens. I've emailed with most of those people quite a bit, but putting a face to the name and shaking hands really helps me communicate with them in the future.

I also met my agent in person for the first time. It may be hard to imagine that we've worked together for two and a half years now and haven't had lunch, but such is the world we live in. It was excellent to finally shake her hand and thank her in person for being so fricking awesome.

Some pictures:

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After NYC, Ethan and I headed up to Yale (which was the purpose of the trip in the first place). There we hung out with our friend Mike, who gave us a tour of New Haven and Yale and took us to some very tasty eateries.

One of the best parts of my trip was that Mike, who works in the Yale Law Library, got the head librarian to buy my book for the stacks and I was able to sign it while I was in town!

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On the way home on Monday, Ethan and I were able to mosey our way back and take the time to stop at bookstores along the way so that I could sign stock of Promise of Blood. Here is where I signed:

3 copies at the Barnes and Noble in Wilkes-Barre, PA

5 copies at the Books-a-Million in Scranton, PA

3 copies at the Barnes and Noble in Newburgh, NY

1 copy at the Barnes and Noble in the Danbury, CT.

2 copies at the Barnes and Noble in Milford, CT.

If you're in one of those areas and want to get your hands on a signed copy, get thee to a bookstore!