UNBOUND Cover and ARCs

Hey guys, Grim Oak Press now has a cover for the UNBOUND anthology. Check this out:

For those that don't know, UNBOUND is by the same people who did UNFETTERED, and has an equally-huge list of mega-SFF authors (you can see that list here). It's also going to contain a brand new Powder Mage short story about a young Sergeant Tamas in the Gurlish Wars. UNBOUND will be out in December and you can pre-order it either from me (with my story signed) or direct from Grim Oak Press.

But here's something else neat. ARCs (advanced review copies) are normally available only to vendors and reviewers. Because Grim Oak is a small press that works with big authors, they do this special thing where they sell hardcover ARCs to regular readers that just can't wait to get their hands on these stories. Only 250 will be printed, and you can order one from Grim Oak here.