Uncanny Collateral Newsletter Giveaway!

Starting next Wednesday (February 6th), I’m going to give away four early copies of Uncanny Collateral every week until the book is released on April 2nd. These will go to randomly chosen newsletter subscribers. If you’d like to be entered in these drawings and haven’t yet done so, please sign up below. Good luck!

Week One (February 6th) Drawing Winners:

  • mromano1886

  • fantasymuser

  • john.justin.green

  • auctoritas

Week Two (February 13th) Drawing Winners:

  • pmiglino2

  • tjwheeler

  • liamselby

  • n.cancro.54

Week Three (February 20th) Drawing Winners:

  • matt.aguirre

  • bear

  • cifebo

  • audjeff792

Week Four (February 27th) Drawing Winners:

  • fwbrowncoat

  • shadowolf128

  • machadogeoffrey

  • angela

Week Five (March 6th) Drawing Winners:

  • dios4vida

  • chatzigiannakis

  • moonlight-rose

  • neil.kellie

Week Six (March 13th) Drawing Winners:

  • bernard.freytag

  • link89k

  • blyurkiw

  • dmpotter11