Weekend Buys 2/8/14


"Each weekend I recommend three books. Some are books I’ve read and some are books I want to read. Some have been written by my friends. Or maybe I’ll just post a good deal I saw online. Just a little something to expose you to the kind of books that interest me." 91tigin7YFL._SL1500_

The Shambling Guide to New York City by Mur Lafferty is currently $1.99 on Amazon and one of dozens of books on my to-read list. I got to meet Mur the first time at Worldcon in Chicago a year and a half ago. She's very cool and this last year at Worldcon (in Texas), she won the Campbell Award for Best New Writer. She's also a prominent podcaster in the writing and sff communities.


Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle is another can't-pass-up deal at $1.39. And, funny enough, I also met Anne at Worldcon in Chicago. And, ashamedly, I haven't read this one yet either though it's been sitting on my kindle for the last year. I really need to read more. Anyhoo... AoS is historical fantasy set in Tudor England which sounds absolutely like the dog's bollocks. Not sure if this series is a trilogy or meant to be longer, but the first three books are out: Alchemist of Souls, The Merchant of Dreams, and The Prince of Lies.


Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore. While we're on the subject of books I really want to find the time to read... cough. This one is a tale of a modern day necromancer. Just by the blurb I'm guessing it's a sure thing for anyone who's a fan of the Dresden Files (which I love) or similar urban fantasy. It's not on sale, but the price of $5.99 for an ebook is super reasonable in this day and age.