Weekend Buys 3/15/14


“Each weekend I recommend three books. Some are books I’ve read and some are books I want to read. Some have been written by my friends. Or maybe I’ll just post a good deal I saw online. Just a little something to expose you to the kind of books that interest me.” 91JSS8wZuvL._SL1500_

Yet another book on my to-read list, Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone follows a necromancer tasked with resurrecting a murdered god, which sounds fairly fun and different to me. It also has a really cool cover and is only $2.99 right now. The second book, Two Serpents Rise, is already out.



I got to meet Cargill and his lovely wife at the San Antonio Worldcon. There may or may not be a video of me and Robert Jackson Bennett doing a rain dance in Cargill's hotel room at 2AM but really that's beside the point. C. Robert's book Dreams and Shadows is just $1.99 right now, so give it a go.



Here's something a little different: a nonfiction book first published over 100 years ago. The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World: from Marathon to Waterloo is the book that first got me into military history. It's a little dense, but incredibly fascinating. While well worth owning the hardcover or paperback and making yourself look all sophisticated to guests perusing your bookshelf, the ebook is free.