Weekend Buys 4/18/14

I missed another "Weekend Buys" post last week because I was out of town. Sorry about that. “Each weekend I recommend three books. Some are books I’ve read and some are books I want to read. Some have been written by my friends. Or maybe I’ll just post a good deal I saw online. Just a little something to expose you to the kind of books that interest me.”


You might know the First Law Trilogy as a series I've raved about before. I first read it while I was writing the first draft of Promise of Blood, and to this day it's one of my favorite trilogies. Book one, The Blade Itself, is currently on sale on Kindle for just $1.99. I highly recommend you grab it, with the caveat that it's a darker fantasy world than those you may be familiar with. One of the main characters is an inquisitor and gifted torturer. His inner monologue makes the whole series worth reading. So grab The Blade Itself.


Honor Among Thieves. James S.A. Corey, author of Leviathan Wakes, is my favorite space opera writer these days, so I was pretty excited when I first heard he (Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank, the co-authors who are James S.A. Corey) was writing a Star Wars novel. I haven't read a Star Wars novel in probably ten years or more but I will likely pick this one up soon. Whether you currently read, used to read, or want to read Star Wars novels, you should get Honor Among Thieves.


Laugh if you want to. I read Battlefield Earth when I was nineteen or so and I absolutely loved it. Yes, it brings to mind the ridiculous movie with John Travolta. Yes, it's kind of huge and a bit hokey. But damn it I enjoyed this book. It balances that "bleak vision of the future" and "fun action vibe" really quite well. The ebook is just $4.61 right now on kindle, which isn't a bad price at all.