Weekly Inspiration 10/25/2013

Certain things spark the creativity in all of us. Perhaps a smell associated with a powerful memory, or a long walk in the park or a drive through the countryside. Maybe a newspaper article, or a book we read. For me it’s often visual – a piece of fantasy art or a tv show or movie. **If a piece of art or photograph is your work and you’d like it removed, please let me know and I’ll do so ASAP.


Found in this thread with a whole lot of other amateur photos of the park, this picture made me want to go hiking. And I hate hiking. Few people understand that there are few things more abhorrent to a short, chubby, crippled man than wandering around on foot in the wilderness. Despite that all that I do have a love of nature and wish I was more mobile. This would be a lovely place to visit.


Speaking of nature... when I was a kid my parents would take my siblings and I around to their favorite trails in central Ohio and western New York and PA. This picture remind me a lot of them, though the poster says this was taken in Wisconsin. There is a scene in The Crimson Campaign set in a place very similar to this with the high walls and cascading falls.


Taking a break from nature, here's a piece that I ran across two nights ago on DevientART. Done by depingo, this is exactly the kind of art I've been looking to commission for my own website. It reminds me a lot of how I envision Vlora (though she is younger and dresses a little more practically).


Apparently this is an abandoned railroad in Paris. I've always been enchanted by shots like this where nature is starting to take over but you can still see the strength of civilization beneath the greenery. I wonder what this will look like in twenty years. Or fifty.



Found here. Not sure as to the original source. There's something about a snowy blanket that makes the world a more magical place. Maybe it's because I grew up reading about Narnia. Maybe it's because this reminds me of my childhood.

Or maybe it's because snow makes you want to curl up next to the fire with a good book.