Weekly Inspiration

Certain things spark the creativity in all of us. Perhaps a smell associated with a powerful memory, or a long walk in the park or a drive through the countryside. Maybe a newspaper article, or a book we read. For me it’s often visual – a piece of fantasy art or a tv show or movie. **If a piece of art or photograph is your work and you’d like it removed, please let me know and I’ll do so ASAP.

First off, I read Brandon Sanderson's Hugo-winning novella, The Emperor's Soul, earlier this week. It was a lot of fun. The magic was intricate and interesting, and the characters believable. My only complaint was the very steep learning curve (which fantasy is known for, but which seemed almost too steep for a novella).

I've been mulling over the idea of writing a Powder Mage novella that charts the rise of Field Marshal Tamas, and I wanted to see how Brandon paced his story. Unfortunately the pacing is very different from what I have in mind for this novella, so that didn't help much. Great read, though.

I came across this picture over here, but it seems as if this was the original source. This is just magnificent. Again, it makes me miss the mountains. There's such a beauty and grandeur. I particularly love the way that the sunlight caches the morning mist hanging over the basis. It's like something out of a dream.


Another one that I came across on Reddit. From what people in the comments are saying, it's likely a composite of two different pictures with some digital touch up. Doesn't matter to me, I still think it's incredible. I find few things as truly awe-inspiring as the infinite wonder of space. All the stars, stretching out into the cosmos, hanging over the mountains like that...

Original source.


Another gorgeous vista, this time with the mountains in front of the ocean. Strangely enough, this picture reminds me of the first time I saw the ocean in World of Warcraft (laugh all you want). There was just an amazing sense of openness to it; a land I could explore forever. Source.


I've been looking at a lot of fantasy art on DeviantART lately, in my ongoing quest to commission some cool tie-in artwork for my novels. A lot of these guys are way out of my price range, but I still enjoy looking. In this one I like the sense of that something huge is about to happen. That guy on the front is just about to cut through the army in front of him, while the flyers above swoop down.


I like to think that a view like this is what inspired C.S. Lewis to create the winter world found in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. There's a deadly beauty to this - sure it's incredible to look at, but fall in that water and you're dead.

The thing that amused me the most about this picture was all the people in the comments arguing over whether or not the photo was over saturated. Not knowing anything about photography, I have no idea what that means.


Found this one here, but looks like the source is photographer Matthias Haker. Taken in an abandoned European castle, I love how this says "all our splendor will one day turn to dust." The work and the wealth and the love that went into creating this architectural art? It'll be gone some day, just like everything else.

Like looking up at the stars on a clear night, it kind of makes you feel insignificant.