Wrath of Empire fan art contest!

Just eight weeks to go until Wrath of Empire hits shelves! To begin the countdown, I've got something special for the artsy types among you: a contest to win a signed advanced reading copy of the book. Here are the rules:

To participate: you must submit a piece of powder mage fan art, created by you, by April 19th, 2018. That gives you just over four weeks from today to plan and execute. I'm leaving the definition of "art" fairly open: anything creative in a visual media of some kind. 

To submit: Post the art somewhere online, tagged with #powdermage, and be sure to let me know via email brian at brianmcclellan dot com with the subject line WRATH OF EMPIRE ART CONTEST. Please include your mailing address for in case you win. If I don't see it, your piece won't be considered for the contest! By entering you agree to allow me to post the piece on my website (it will not be used commercially and the art still belongs to you).

  • Multiple entries are allowed
  • The contest is open internationally

To win: I'm gonna pick whichever piece I like the best, plain and simple. I'll probably ask my wife for a second opinion if it's close. Here are the winners of a previous contest. A hint for those of you with no artistic talent: making me laugh counts for a lot.