The Powder Mage Roleplaying Game


The Powder Mage Roleplaying Game

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Powder Mage RPG in 6x9 inch softcover. Add-on set includes action card deck, dice set, and 15 poker chips.

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Set four years after the end of the Adran-Kez War as recounted in The Autumn Republic,
the Powder Mage RPG outlines a world in the upheaval of political, social, and
technological revolution. It makes use of the Savage Worlds game system to allow for a
versatile and easy-to- learn rule set, fast character creation, and the ability to set out on an
adventure within minutes. It also includes previously unprinted information about the countries,
people, and history of the Powder Mage Universe.

Players can throw themselves into conflicts throughout the Nine Nations, from the power
struggles within the budding republic of Adro to the unstable intrigue of the migrating
courts of the baron-kings of Unice. To do so, they can take on any number of roles: a
humble Knacked trying to create a family fortune, a Privileged sorcerer out to change the
world, or even a powder mage bent on revenge for past slights.