Blood of Empire - Signed Pre-orders!

The time has almost come! Blood of Empire, the sixth and final book of the Powder Mage saga, will be upon us in just three short months. As usual, I’m taking pre-orders for signed hardcovers via my website store. These (and all books ordered with them) will ship the week of December 3rd. Because it is the final book I know a lot of people will be looking for the whole trilogy in hardcover: if you’re one of those, I suggest getting in early. I haven’t been able to track down hardcovers for two books of the Powder Mage Trilogy for some time now and I imagine Gods of Blood and Powder will go the same direction.

If you prefer ebook, or would like to get your hands on a cheaper copy, you can also pre-order via your favorite bookstore as listed below. Pre-ordering is a pretty big deal for the author, as it boosts those all-important first-week numbers and creates the possibility of bookstores stocking more of my books.

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