BLOOD TALLY Kickstarter is live!

Hey guys! The Kickstarter for my second book in the Valkyrie Collections series is now up. In case this series is new to you, the first book Uncanny Collateral came out earlier this year and is available on Amazon. It follows a collection agent in Cleveland, Ohio who works for the supernatural. It’s a quick, fun romp that I think you’ll enjoy.

I’ve been talking about this Kickstarter for a few weeks on twitter and it went live this morning. As I’m writing this, it’s been up for almost 5 hours and is at the 70% funded mark already! Considering this is only my second Kickstarter ever, I’m pretty pleased with that.

Unfortunately, the special tiers (naming characters) are already gone - if I end up adding any more, I will update the KS. So keep your eyes on that! Thanks again for all your support!