Building a Website

So, I thought it would be a good time to get a real website up and running. I figured out the basics. Played around with the free template wordpress provides. It looks like garbage.

I'm designing something right now with some new software. I don't actually know how to use said software, so that is kind of rough. Hopefully the final product won't look like garbage. And hopefully I can get it done before Worldcon.

Oh, yeah. Worldcon in a week. I'm very excited to go. It will be the first time I've met my editor face to face.  It's still a little far out to pimp my book so I'm going primarily to make new friends and see old friends and have a generally good time.

The biggest news is I have a release date. PROMISE OF BLOOD will hit the shelves on April 16th, 2013. I haven't heard the exact date for the U.K. release but I've been told they will be simultaneous. And as for the French release... not even a guess.