Website Launch and Book Sizes

I have launched!

It's a sparse website. Not much to look at. I don't have much art or accolades to display. But I did do it all myself. I only have the most basic (and I mean BASIC) knowledge of html and wordpress was not adequate for my needs, so I used a program my brother has called xara. The only real issue right now is that I want to have my blog on my own website, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it in this software.

The art I do have is courtesy of Isaac Stewart, the awesome guy who will now officially be doing my maps! He designed my business cards and they look fantastic. I love what he has done with simple woodcut-style designs and will at some point ask him to do more (when he's not already swamped with art he's doing... for me).

I've had a lot of people ask me how big my book is going to be. I've always used the same answer: not a clue. Hardcover will be a different size from paperback or trade paperback. Type size and margins differ. There are a lot of factors.

However, I can give you a good idea as to the paperback. Yesterday, Brent Weeks mentioned on Twitter that the first two Night Angel books came in at 155K words each. PROMISE OF BLOOD is floating right around 160K. So, go to your bookstore and pick up the first Night Angel book. It's called THE WAY OF SHADOWS. Buy it, because it's a really damned good book. Take it home and read it, and then hold it up to the light and examine the thickness. Mine will be about the same size. Maybe a smidgen bigger.