Novella Giveaway!

Been a while since we had a giveaway around these parts, and I woke up feeling like this would be a good week for it. So here's what we have for today:

Forsworn is the first of two novellas I've written in the Powder Mage Universe (the second being Servant of the Crown). It follows the plight of a young Kez powder mage about thirty-five years before the beginning of Promise of Blood. Here's the cover copy:

Erika ja Leora is a powder mage in northern Kez, a place where that particular sorcery is punishable by death. She is only protected by her family name and her position as heir to a duchy. 

When she decides to help a young commoner—a powder mage marked for death, fugitive from the law—she puts her life and family reputation at risk and sets off to deliver her new ward to the safety of Adro while playing cat and mouse with the king's own mage hunters and their captain, Duke Nikslaus.


You can download a zip file of the novella that includes a PDF, mobi, and epub, by clicking RIGHT HERE. I'll leave the download up through this Saturday, the 18th. --GIVEAWAY OVER--

If you'd like to go ahead and purchase Forsworn, just follow this link. You can also get your hands on Servant of the Crown and the rest of the Powder Mage short stories including "The Girl of Hrusch Avenue," "Hope's End," and "Face in the Window."

Oh, and what the heck. Here's a coupon for 10% off signed and dated copies of Promise of Blood in my store. Just use the code FG1014.