Weekend Buys 10/17/2014

“Each weekend I recommend three books. Some are books I’ve read and some are books I want to read. Some have been written by my friends. Or maybe I’ll just post a good deal I saw online. Just a little something to expose you to the kind of books that interest me.”

My current read is a book called How We Got to Now: Six Innovations that Made the Modern World by Steven Johnson. I'll start out by saying that I've only read the first section (on glass), and I paid for the hardcover, and I already feel like I got my money's worth.

It's truly fascinating and will appeal greatly to the type of people who like to watch Dirty Jobs or How It's Made and other fascinating "behind the scenes" kind of science and industry. As I said, the hardcover is well worth it--but the ebook is also only $4.99 right now, so yeah. Grab it.



You know how I'm always going on about my "to read" list? Well, here's another that's been on it for quite a while. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin has been heaped with all sorts of awesome praise. It's on sale for $1.99 right now, and we share a publisher which is always fun. For an extra bonus, the entire trilogy is finished already. You can get The Broken Kingdoms and The Kingdom of Gods without having to wait for release dates.



I think I've visited Terry Pratchett before on Weekend Buys, but you know what? It's my website, I'll do it again if I want. The first Pratchett book I ever read (and still one of my very favorites) is Mort. It's the story of a hapless young man who becomes apprenticed to Death. It's hilarious, I think a great entry into the Discworld books if you've never read them.

t's just $3.79 right now and it appears that many of the other Discworld ebooks are also sitting at bargain price. Two of my favorites are Going Postal and Night Watch.