Novella Hardcovers

Orders are now open for hardcovers of both powder mage novellas, Forsworn and Servant of the Crown. They will be signed and dated. Orders are open as a bundle first.

*The first first run has sold out. I've ordered another run of each and restocked the store, but this run will not be numbered. Thanks to everyone who ordered!*

For more information, read below the cut.

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, I've been talking about turning the novellas into hardcovers ever since Salt Lake Comic Con, where I received a huge number of requests for physical copies. Well, the proofs have finally landed on my desk!

In the above picture, Servant of the Crown is a textured glossy and Forsworn is matte. I like the feel of the glossy, but it shows imperfections easily and it's already showing a crack along the spine, so the final of both books will be matte.