Promise of Blood out in Poland!

Hey guys, I'm happy to announce that the Polish translation of Promise of Blood is now out in Poland! They did a beautiful rendition of the cover, as well as cool chapter header art.

Some interesting things: my name is larger than the title, which is usually reserved for best-selling authors. So unless they know something I don't, I'm curious why they ended up doing that. It could be that is a publishing standard that is different in Poland than in the US. Also, the cover quote is the one I got from Peter V. Brett rather than Brandon Sanderson, which I'm only assuming says something about how well Pete sells over in Poland (I'm guessing very well).

Every translation so far has used the digital photo-manipulation from the US release (which I'm fine with, because it's so dang good), but they've all made small changes that I find really interesting. In this one, I really like how they brightened up the cover with more orange and gold, as well as the font they used for my name.

If you'd like to pick up a Polish translation, I believe you can order it here or here, where you can also download the first couple chapters.