Unfettered II

In case you missed it over on Twitter, earlier this week I finished a new powder mage short story for the coming anthology Unfettered II. The story is called "The Siege of Tilpur," and is a stand-alone about a young Sergeant Tamas during the Gurlish Wars. It's the earliest thing to date that I've written in the chronology of the Powder Mage Universe and has a similar feel to "Hope's End."

Follow this link and you'll see the crazy big list of science fiction and fantasy authors who will have stories in the anthology. I'm hugely honored to be among them. Unfettered II will be out on October of 2015. I believe there will be a signed and numbered edition available from Grim Oak Press, and I will likely be selling copies off my website (signed on the title page of my story, of course). When I get more info I'll let you guys know.